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  • A Mauticon Teaser
    Preview and Tips for Mautic Conference Global ➤ Online ➤ 10th-11th July, 2024
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:08:43Diese Episode erschien am 08.07.2024
  • Mautic UX/UI (feat. Anderson José Eccel)
    Also: ➤ Marketing Strategy ➤ RSS-to-Email ➤ Google Authenticator ➤ UTM Auto-Tagger ➤ Multi language forms ➤ Magento ➤ ...
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:50:59Diese Episode erschien am 07.06.2024
  • Scoring & Machine Learning (feat. Jonas Ludwig)
    plus Email, Event Tracking, Command Monitor, Free Templates, Identity Sync from CMS&App, Free Mautic Trials, MautiCon Global 10-11 July
    Die Dauer der Episode 1:09:40Diese Episode erschien am 17.04.2024
  • All about Mautic 5 (feat. Sven Döring & Mattias Michaux)
    ➤ Mautic 5 Features, Installation, Migration, Developer View ➤ Also: Mautic Sprint Ghent, Belgium & Mautic Conference Asia in Pune, India
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:43:00Diese Episode erschien am 10.01.2024
  • Mautic Elections 2023
    plus ➤Stripe ➤Campaign event cloning ➤Shopify ➤Security ➤Looping Campaigns ➤Send emails faster ➤Account Based Marketing ➤UX/UI Tiger Team ➤Out Of the box experience ➤Mautic Trials ➤FOSS events
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:31:34Diese Episode erschien am 14.12.2023
  • Mautic Editor Plugins (feat. Madlen & Hannes)
    plus ➤ Black Friday ➤ Mautic General Assembly ➤ Mautic Conference Asia ➤ Changes in THE MAUTICAST
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:32:10Diese Episode erschien am 24.11.2023
  • You should Be a Mautic Member Now! (feat. Joey Keller)
    plus ➤Joomla Plugin ➤Retail Marketing ➤ChatGPT ➤Trello ➤Webhook Catcher ➤Email Link Tracking ➤Listening to Email Replies
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:51:48Diese Episode erschien am 07.09.2023
  • Mautic with SuiteCRM & SugarCRM (feat. Paul Stevens)
    Mautic 5, Email Scalability, WooCommerce, Categories, Bitly, Privacy & GDPR, A/B Test Campaigns, Kubernetes, Form Themes, Mautic Trials, Mautic Membership
    Die Dauer der Episode 1:02:56Diese Episode erschien am 13.08.2023
  • Autonomy day! (feat. Ruth Cheesley)
    ➤ Multi domain ➤ Form Designer plugin ➤ Advanced Templates ➤ Ecommerce Bundle ➤ Generic Conditions ➤ Tag-Filter for Dynamic Content ➤ Mautic Sprint Vienna - 21st/22nd July ➤ Mautic Conference Global - 20th/21st June
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:49:23Diese Episode erschien am 19.04.2023
  • Teaching and Learning (feat. Kauê Linden)
    plus ➤Email Bounce Handling ➤Housekeeping ➤Pipedrive ➤Vonage ➤ChatGPT ➤Whatsapp ➤Forms without Cookie ➤Notes for Contacts ➤Oracle OCI ➤Stats
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:47:12Diese Episode erschien am 17.02.2023
  • The Mautic Vision (feat. Ruth Cheesley)
    plus ➤Subscription Handling, Focus Items in DWC, Elementor, Multi-Tenancy, Multi-Domain, Alternative Text Editors, Nomad, Mtalkz SMS, Rocket.Chat, Laravel Wrapper, Mautic as a generic "State Machine"
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:47:43Diese Episode erschien am 22.12.2022
  • Mautic Conference South America 2022: A Road Movie
    ➤Mautic 5 Timeline ➤Email Link Tracking ➤New Mautic Knowledge Base ➤and lots of snippets from MCSA22 in São Paulo
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:59:14Diese Episode erschien am 24.11.2022
  • Replacing Cron Jobs by Timers (feat. Klemen Kobetič)
    Mautic 4.2.2, Mautic 5 Crowdfunding, Guided Tutorials plugin, Campaign Templates, Messaging: Twillio enhanced, SMS through MessageWhiz, On-click Focus Items in Landing Page, Catching Console Command Errors, Twig Templates, Mautic Conference South America
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:58:24Diese Episode erschien am 07.10.2022
  • Email Inboxing Q&A (feat. Yanna-Torry Aspraki)
    Mautic 4.4.1, Failed mails as "failed" (not as DNC), Version monitoring, Twilio SMS features, Whatsapp. eexternal MJML editor, Calendar, Community Spotlight: Volha Pivavarchyk, Q2 2022 Mautic Community Roundup, São Paulo, Nov 3-4: MCSA22
    Die Dauer der Episode 1:07:45Diese Episode erschien am 12.08.2022
  • Universal Chat (Feat. Andreas Stuber)
    Mautic 4.4, Inboxing Analysis+Spam Testing, Sending Form data to diff. Recipients, Programming GrapesJS, Email Feature Requests, Stakk, Dev Manual, Interview A.Stuber, Mautic Conf. Global Review+Videos, Mautic Conference South America - São Paulo 11/2022
    Die Dauer der Episode 1:07:14Diese Episode erschien am 20.07.2022
  • The Mautic Conference Program (feat. Madlen Friedrich)
    Mautic 4.3, Custom Objects, SMS Reader, Universal Chat, n8n, understanding permissions and cache, time based campaigns, Community events, Season of Docs
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:34:11Diese Episode erschien am 09.06.2022
  • Mautic, Feeding into Trello as a Sales Board (feat. Adrian Schimpf)
    And: Mautic 4.2.1, Marketplace, Composer, Mautic Roadmap, Builder Roadmap, Birthday Campaign, Restrict Export, Gautit Backup Plugin, No more Sending through Gmail, Mautic Sprint Budapest, Favour Kelvin, Developer Days, Mautic Sprint DACH, Mautic Conference Online (06/2022), Suggest Location for next Mautic Conference (11/2022)
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:28:42Diese Episode erschien am 22.04.2022
  • Tracking Events in Mautic through Google Tag Manager (feat. Leo Schuler)
    Also: Handling Massive Numbers of Contacts, n8n,, Open Source Friday, Airmeet, Mautic Conference Global Jun 8-9
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:38:47Diese Episode erschien am 08.03.2022
  • Mautic for Organizing a Sports Event (feat. Robin Tindall)
    Also: Send at Recipient's Time Zone, Dynamic Content in MJML, Form Spam: Warning and Prevention, Leo Schuler: Mautic Data in Google Analytics, Supporting Joey, Q4 Community Roundup, Meetups, Call for Speakers: Mautic Conference Global June 8-9, 2022
    Die Dauer der Episode 1:32:40Diese Episode erschien am 27.01.2022
  • Mautic Conference & Hidden Gems (feat. Andy Towne)
    Mautic 4.1, Gitpod, Mautic Conference Europe, DOI Plugin, FB Custom Audiences, Mautic Contact Interface, Contact List Columns, GrapesJS Builder, User Survey, Mautic Pitchdeck
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:59:48Diese Episode erschien am 24.12.2021
  • A Loyalty Program with Mautic (feat. Matic Zagmajster)
    And: Mautic 4, Email Builder & MJML, Two Factor Authentication, Mautic Information in Gmail, Transactional vs. Marketing Emails, High Frequency Campaigns, "How Ideas Become Features", Integration, Image Management, Scoring Actions for Tags and Segments, Mautic Info in Ad Platform Stats, Mautic Community: Q3 Roundup, Poll: Are you using Gated Videos?, Mautic Conference Europe (Belgium, Nov/8)
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:44:22Diese Episode erschien am 04.11.2021
  • Special: Mautic Conference Global 2021
    And: Mautic 4, Plugin Development, Oauth, Multi Domain, Kubernetes, Recaptcha 3, Tracker from Thunderbird, WooCommerce, Mautic Conference North America 2021 (Nov/8)
    Die Dauer der Episode 1:33:22Diese Episode erschien am 03.08.2021
  • Mautic 4 (feat. Ruth Cheesley)
    And: Mautic-Forms with Wordpress (CF7, Ninja, Formidable), Facebook Custom Audiences, Lead Source Tracking, Mautic Learning Resources, Real-Life and Online Events, Mautic Conference June 16-17 (Training Day on 15th), Tiger Teams
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:46:13Diese Episode erschien am 06.06.2021
  • Advanced Marketing Tasks with Built-In Tools (feat. Michael / Jordan)
    Mautic 3.3.3 and 4.0ß, Pre-populating form fields from URL, New email builder Overview video, Templating tutorial, email marketing strategy, Mautic Community Partners Program, Advanced Marketing Tasks with Built-In Tools, FLISOL, MautiCon June 16-17
    Die Dauer der Episode 1:01:20Diese Episode erschien am 20.05.2021
  • B2B vs. B2C Marketing with Mautic (feat. Teresa Suárez Martín)
    Mautic 4 Alpha & Release timeline Gautit Plugins Send email based on time zone of contact Wordpress integration More rss-to-email Marketing Automation Show: "Email" Interview: B2B vs. B2C marketing Mautic Help Desk Meetup Upcoming Mautic Events & Sprints
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:38:03Diese Episode erschien am 20.04.2021
  • The New Mautic Email Builder (feat. Adrian, Alex & Joey)
    Mautic 3.3.1, RSS-to-Email, External Logic in Campaigns, SMS through Amazon SNS, Bounty: Outlook Plugin, Mautic Cookies, Documentation in Open Source, Interview with Adrian Schimpf, Alex Hammerschmied & Joey Keller, Mauticon Call for Papers
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:59:11Diese Episode erschien am 19.03.2021
  • Mautic on Kubernetes (feat. Jordan Ryan)
    Keyboard Shortcuts, Whatsapp, Shopware 6, Include tags etc. in import / export, Mautic Database Housekeeping & Cleanup, Featured Cron / Console Command: Deduplicate, Mautic on Kubernetes (feat. Jordan Ryan), Mautic Bounty Program, Mauticon 2021 Date
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:37:24Diese Episode erschien am 19.02.2021
  • Using Scoring with Mautic Points (feat. Chandan Sharma)
    Release 3.2.5 / Security Releases 2.16.5 and 3.2.4, Integrately Workflow Automation, Mautic behind Reverse Proxy, YouTube Channels on Mautic: Antonio Lazzari, Joey Keller, Interview: Using Scoring with Mautic Points, Sponsoring / Funding
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:37:48Diese Episode erschien am 28.01.2021
  • Omnichannel & Voice with Mautic (feat. Gaurav Mishra)
    Mauticast Newsletter Mautic 3.2.2 Xmas Release Upcoming Security Updates Email Verification Crowd Funding Email Deliverability OSTraining Tutorial: Anniversary Campaign Interview: Omnichannel & Voice with Mautic (feat. Gaurav Mishra) MautiCon 2021
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:45:58Diese Episode erschien am 12.01.2021
  • n8n: Connecting Mautic to other Apps (feat. Tanay Pant)
    12 Months of Mauticast, Mautic 2.16.4/3.2.1, MautiCon Recap, Tiger Teams, Strategic Initiatives, Tag Manager, Mailgun, Recaptcha, Mautic on Raspberry Pi, Auth0, MautiCon 2021, Gone: Unofficial Mautic Newsletter – New: Mauticast Newsletter, Call for Cases
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:58:50Diese Episode erschien am 17.12.2020
  • Mautic from a Salesforce Perspective (feat. Juan Fach)
    Mautic 3.1.2, Tutorials: Controlling Sender Address, Campaign Logic, Multilingual DOI, Workflow Automators, Twig Form Actions, Trello plugin, Q3 Community Roundup, Mautic 3.2 Timeline, MautiCon
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:52:50Diese Episode erschien am 04.11.2020
  • The Power of Mautic in Email Marketing (feat. Joey Keller)
    Sample Lead Campaign, HTML in contact fields, Stages Best Practices, Forum #commercial, Sponsoring Mautic, Save UTM in Contact, MautiCon Call For Speakers (closing soon!), great Mautic Meetup Lagos talks on Youtube
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:45:17Diese Episode erschien am 23.09.2020
  • MautiCon - Call for Papers! (Feat. Ruth Cheesley)
    Mautic 3.1 Released, In-depth Amazon SES setup guide, Enhancements in Community Infrastructure, Google Season of Docs – Welcome Favour and Swati!, Upcoming Mautic Sprints and Release dates
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:33:32Diese Episode erschien am 11.09.2020
  • Acquia and the future of Mautic (feat. Thomas Kraehe)
    New Mautic versions, Mautic 3 Install guide, New Email builder released, New Landing page builder announced, Mautic's phoning home feature & Configuration file parameters, Interview Thomas Kraehe, Mautic 3.1 sprint, MautiCon sprint Aug/27
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:43:09Diese Episode erschien am 13.08.2020
  • Mautic for Selling & Onboarding a Mautic-based SaaS (feat. Simon Balz)
    Also: GoToWebinar Integration - complete overhaul, New email builder by Webmecanik and BEE-Plugin by Enguerr, E-Mail Themes Course by Chris Calabro, Feature Wish “Email Archiving”, Tag Manager, Mautic Community Roundup Q2, Acquia DXP vs. “Mautic" brand
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:44:47Diese Episode erschien am 27.07.2020
  • Why MarTech Council loves Mautic (feat. Bill Anderson)
    Mautic 3.0.1 and 2.16.3, Mautic and CRMs, n8n: Free Zapier replacement?, Interview: Bill Anderson, MautiCon Team Lead Maygen
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:37:48Diese Episode erschien am 09.07.2020
  • Special: Mautic v3, Community v3
    Mautic 3 released, and review of community changes, with interview on "Native Communities". Also: Alternative Shopify Plugin
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:53:05Diese Episode erschien am 17.06.2020
  • Special: Recording from Community Announcements
    Multiple major changes in product development, community structures and accessibility, and about Mautic 3. And of course about founder DB Hurley moving on to a part-time role as Mautic ambassador, and Ruth Cheesley to be the new project lead.
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:37:08Diese Episode erschien am 29.05.2020
  • Mautic goes Shopify (feat. Alex Hammerschmied)
    Also: New plugin for backups, email domains and email service integration, email reply detection, Google Season of Docs, MautiCon on Nov/3, 2020
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:53:12Diese Episode erschien am 14.05.2020
  • Mautic for Startups and Enterprises (feat. Mohammed Abu Musa)
    ...and on Zapier&Integromat, Hubspot vs. Mautic. Also: DB Hurley as non-Acquia Mautic project lead, MautiCon date poll, Mautic 2.16.2 Released, Mautic Database Housekeeping, Report from the All-Virtual Mautic Sprint, Leon now Mautic Team Lead “Education”
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:49:17Diese Episode erschien am 24.04.2020
  • We Need Better CMS Integrations! (feat. Florian Wessels)
    Interview with Florian Wessels on the perfect CMS integration for Mautic. Also: Mautic 2.16.1, Dynamic ("Calculated") Values in Form Data / Emails / Campaign Actions, and the Open-For-All Mautic Sprint (Online) on April 6-7.
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:38:58Diese Episode erschien am 02.04.2020
  • Mautic in Japan (feat. Katz Ueno)
    Interview with Katz Ueno about Mautic in Japan. Also: Mautic 3 Beta, The Power of Tags, Tag Manager coming up, Mautic Sprint, and more.
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:52:27Diese Episode erschien am 12.03.2020
  • Getting started with Contributing to Mautic (feat. Dennis Ameling)
    Dennis Ameling on being a Release Leader while new to Mautic community. Also: Mautic 2.16 and 3.0 Beta, Active Email (and SMS) address verification instead of Double Opt-In?, Mautic Feature Voting, E-Commerce Abandoned Cart Recovery, Open Mautic Sprint in April , MautiCon
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:34:23Diese Episode erschien am 27.02.2020
  • Marketing Tools vs. Brains (feat. Sebastian Eisenbürger)
    Sebastian Eisenbürger on History of Mautic / Using Hubspot & Mautic combined / Project / Tools vs. Brains in Marketing Automation. Also: Mautic 2.16 Beta, Perfect Double Opt-In, Clear cache plugin by Greg White, FOSDEM aftermath, Events incl. Mautic Meetups Japan, Nigeria, Los Angeles
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:34:07Diese Episode erschien am 13.02.2020
  • Mautic Marketplace (featuring John Linhart)
    Mautic Core Developer John Linhart talking about the Mautic Marketplace. Also: Mautic 3 and 2.16 news, critical Chrome update (SameSite), redirecting Mautic home page, high performance setups, MautiCon
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:45:59Diese Episode erschien am 30.01.2020
  • Mautic Community, Next Level (featuring Ruth Cheesley)
    Interview with Community Manager Ruth Cheesley. Also: Mautic 3 Alpha, Campaign testing without waiting, Bug alerts, and more.
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:40:57Diese Episode erschien am 16.01.2020
  • Building Businesses Around Open Source (featuring Norman Pracht)
    Interview with Norman Pracht, Mautic Marktplatz, Forum App, Mautic Sponsoring Initiative, Asynchronous Team Meetings, New Years resolutions for 2020
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:40:47Diese Episode erschien am 02.01.2020
  • Mautic in Brazil (featuring Rodrigo Demetrio)
    Interview with Rodrigo on the usage and large community of Mautic in Brazil. Also: Mautic 3, Cookie Opt-In, Mautic as a URL shortener replacement, and more.
    Die Dauer der Episode 1:00:41Diese Episode erschien am 19.12.2019
  • Mautic 3 Preview (featuring Alan Hartless)
    Interview with Alan Hartless, original Mautic Lead Developer, on Mautic 3. Also: Mautic Summit, Marketing Underground, A/B Testing, Community News, Mautic Merchandising
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:33:42Diese Episode erschien am 05.12.2019
  • #000 Welcome!
    An overview of the what, the why and the how of this podcast.
    Die Dauer der Episode 0:07:41Diese Episode erschien am 26.11.2019