Email Inboxing Q&A (feat. Yanna-Torry Aspraki)

Mautic 4.4.1


Mark failed emails as “failed” (not DNC)


Github (test & comment!)

Slack notification on outdated Mautic Version


Github (by Matic Zagmajster):

Older thread on version monitoring & alerting:

Twilio SMS – Additional Features

Github (by Corey Worrell)

Mautic Whatsapp Plugin (via Wo-Wa)

Joey Keller’s “Weekend Project”:

“Manual” way of sending to Whatsapp via Twillio:

Editing emails in external MJML editor?


Mac App, recommended by Techbill: 

Future of the calendar feature

Comment & suggestions by Andy Towne:

Interview: Yanna-Torry Aspraki – Email Inboxing Q&A

Yanna-Torry’s original talk at Mautic Conference Global 2022:–8l7XPqnbdZ&t=157


EmailConsul / Seedlisting:

Feedback Loop resources:

Community Spotlight: Volha Pivavarchyk

Blog post: 

Q2 2022 Mautic Community Roundup

Blog post:

São Paulo Date now 99% safe: 3rd-4th Nov

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