Advanced Marketing Tasks with Built-In Tools (feat. Michael / Jordan)

Mautic 3.3.3 Bugfix Release and Mautic 4.0 Beta1

3.3.3 Bugfix Release: 

4.0 Beta1:

Pre-populating form fields with data from the URL

Deep documentation in a forum thread: 

New email builder: Overview video, Templating tutorial

Joey’s intro video

MJML Templating video ($15,-):

Mautic and email marketing strategy

Interview with Alex:

Mautic Community Partners Program

Partners page:


Interview with Michael Wolman and Jordan Erasmus: Using Mautic built-in tools for advanced marketing tasks

Jordan on LinkedIn:

Mike on LinkedIn:

Surge Media:

Mautic at Latin American Festival of Open Source (FLISOL)

Mautic presentation by Powertic (Portuguese):

Mautic Conference June 16th-17th

Tickets & Schedule:

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