Omnichannel & Voice with Mautic (feat. Gaurav Mishra)

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Mauticast Newsletter:

Mautic 3.2.2 Xmas Release


Major Security Updates for Mautic 2 and Mautic 3

Scheduled for 14. Jan at 15:00 UTC (=UK time)
Announcement on Slack:
CVE Advisory:

Release URLs: (3.2.3 has installation issues, do not use)

Patch URLs (for all those who for some reason cannot go to the latest release):
– Mautic 2.x:…2.16.5.diff
– Mautic 3.x:…3.2.3.diff

Email verification

Greg’s solution for Clearout: and

Our blog post from episode #7:

Joey’s blog post for Email Oversight and Zerobounce:

Mailfloss tutorial:

Email Spam issues / Deliverability deep dive

Forum thread:

OSTraining tutorial: Anniversary Campaign


Crowd Funding of Mautic features, bugfixes, 3rd-party plugins?

Please let us know what you think!

Interview: Omnichannel & Voice with Mautic (feat. Gaurav Mishra)

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