The Mautic Vision (feat. Ruth Cheesley)

Mautic 4.4.5


Custom Objects install process broken in 4.4.4 -> manual workaround:

Help testing!

Example: PR “Send segment email but exclude some users” not contributed due to lack of testing:

Email Subscription and Unsubscribe

Forum post:

Via API:

Focus Items in DWC

Forum post: 

Video “DWC Howto”: 

Elementor & Mautic via n8n

Blog post (Portuguese):

Joey’s “Halloween Edition”

“Stranger things in Mautic”:


Multiple Mautics sharing the same codebase:

Forum discussion:


Plugin by Friendly:


Alternative Text Editors

Alternative Text Editors in GrapesJS (even with tokens) but not (yet) in Mautic:

DevOps: Nomad scripts

Hashicorp Nomad deploy scripts for Mautic:


Mtalkz SMS



Rocket.Chat plugin: “If you have Mautic skills, please, help us! We would love to create a matching Mautic App, that would help integrating better with Mautic.” -> “understand what else our communities would want to see on this integration, as our goal here is to let the App be developed collaboratively.”

Laravel Wrapper for Mautic API


Mautic as a generic “State Machine”

Interested in even more powerful Campaigns Workflows?

Interview: The Mautic Vision

Slides from the MCSA22 presentation:

MCSA Recap

Blog post:

User expertise of Core Plugins wanted

Call for help:

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