Turn ideas into reality

Reverse Crowd Funding: Join forces with other Mauticians

Share the costs

for new Features, Fixes, Updates

Do you have an idea for a new feature? Do you need a plugin moved to the next version? Do you wanr a nasty bug fixed?

In Open Source, you can not only sit back and hope, but also take action. However, many users do not know how to get the organized and / or funded.

If you are in that position, here is a brandnew way for you: Reverse Crowd Funding.

This means

  • We share the risk, jointly fund the project (at least a version 1), and implement it (at Leuchtfeuer or elsewhere) before telling the world about it.
  • THEN we publish that we have this and try to find others who are willing to contribute some funding. Those can "see and touch" right away. And if they are in, they immediately get the code - but privately.
  • The original funders get some money back until the desired funding has been reached, and only their inteded spending remains.

And once the desired funding has been reached, the code is submitted to Open Source.

Current pre-funded projects

Getting started is easy

This has to be a really iterative process:

  1. Your thoughts: First, please write down your need or idea in a few lines. Maybe add a scribble if you can (and if it makes sense).
  2. First communication: Next, get in touch (contact form above, or email - see footer) and tell us about the ideas. Written material is good, but we're always happy to do a little call on top of that.
  3. Understanding and asessment: We will now work to really understand what you have in mind, what the project might include, and what the effort might be. Also: Is this good for crowd funding? What are the chances that others might really have the same need, and some budget too?
  4. Feasibility, specs and numbers: Now that we have the necessary background, we can jointly see if we can turn it into a crowd funding project, and what your commitment should be.
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