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Mautic is a tool with seemingly endless possibilities, but that is precisely why there can be occasional confusion in some processes. When does a contact leave a campaign, can they come back, and what was that about segments again? In this post, we'll show the common rules for exiting and returning contacts to campaigns and segments.

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The Mautic database tends to grow huge very quickly, especially when integrated on higher-traffic web sites. A large percentage is basically junk, though. Here are some simple tricks to reduce that drastically.

Note that at the same time this addresses GDPR requirements for deleting old data.


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Most but not all Mautic configuration can be done from the user interface. Either way, the settings live in the local.php file - including some "secret" options.

Here is the complete list of possible parameters, along with the changes from Mautic 2 to Mautic 3!

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Do you wish to document the date when a form was submitted? Or are you using the same form in multiple places and need to know in which context it was submitted? Those dynamic, calculated values are not regular Mautic features - here is how to achieve them nonetheless!

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Tags are among the most powerful yet underutilized features in Mautic. Here is a little introduction, and more importantly: Advanced examples of how Tags can help to achieve your desired campaign logic.

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People love to poke around. For instance, see the URL of a Mautic asset and try to access the root page of that domain. What do they see? The Mautic login screen. Not good!

Best practice is to redirect that access to some other URL, e.g. your main website. Here is how you do that, properly.

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