TYPO3 Secure Downloads: A Peak into the Future (Beta Tester Wanted!)


We have a little birthday to celebrate: Ten years ago, we published the first release of our „Secure Downloads“ extension. Ever since, it served its purpose well and grew quite popular among the TYPO3 community.

Over time we added various improvements and features. However, the extension is now approaching a major overhaul: We now took all our experience, added state-of-the-art TYPO3 technology plus fresh ideas to the mix, and came up with something really cool. Feel free to call it the „best Secure Downloads ever“ :)

Here is a Sneak Peak to some of the highlights (more to come):

  • Optional FAL support (but non-FAL, too)
  • Optional „Apache Delivery“ mode (to avoid PHP issues with large files)
  • HTML Caching support
  • And of course, robust security

Now what is the schedule for this?

  1. New version of the current extension named „naw_securedl“, some features, but major portions of the code rewritten or cleaned up
  2. Release of the new „Secure Downloads“ extension, under a different name (old version wil remain available and supported)
  3. Additional features for the new „Secure Downloads“ extension

Do you wish to have early access to the new versions, and to contribute your feedback and ideas? Please contact us at !


We wish to thank everyone who supported this extension over the years, in whatever way.

And of course: Sponsors remain welcome.

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