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DOI Campaigns with Mautic: No more waiting!

How is a DOI mail with Mautic sent to the interested person immediately after he or she filled out the form? We'll show you how to bypass the cronjob cycle within the campaign for mailings to skip the wait.

Creating a DOI campaign in Mautic for a legally compliant mailing of the newsletter –you'll find lots of best practice campaigns about this topic online that are always structured in the same way: The user fills out a registration form with which the campaign starts in Mautic. An e-mail with a link to a landing page is then sent via the campaign. If the user has visited this landing page, he will be added to the "DOI-confirmed" segment and removed from the campaign.

The problem with this variant is: campaigns are executed in Mautic by a cron that works in regular cycles (e.g. every 15 minutes). As a result, in the worst case the user receives the DOI mail after a full 15 minutes – in other words, has to wait a cronjob cycle for this mail. This is obviously not optimal: The longer waiting time usually reduces the user's motivation to confirm his newsletter subscription right away.

Newsletter Campaign

Normal” DOI-Campaign: Waiting times are predestined.


Our solution: Instead of using a campaign form, simply create a standalone form in Mautic with the actions "Send email to contact" and "Add to Pending Segment" (for a campaign form these actions are unfortunately not available):

Newsletter Form

Standalone-Form in Mautic: Optimal starting conditions for DOI-Campaigns.

The DOI campaign then works as follows: The user fills in the form and is assigned to the segment "xy"; the DOI mail is sent to him right away. Therefore, the campaign in Mautic starts here with the segment into which we have pushed the user by filling out the form. If the user then clicks on the DOI link in the mail, he will be taken to the corresponding landing page – the DOI is thus complete.

In this way the DOI mail is sent immediately after sending the form and is not bound to the cronjob cycle within the campaign.

Newsletter DOI

Optimized DOI-Campaign: Waiting for the Cronjob is no longer necessary.

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