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Create Responsive Focus Items: Our First Choice

Mautic offers several possibilities for the creation of responsive focus items. Our favorite: the condition "Contact Device" directly in the Mautic Campaign Builder.

The creation of responsive focus items for mobile devices is more important than ever – after all, a very large part of website traffic now comes via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

Here's how it works in Mautic:

Mautic Campaign Development for Responsive Focus Items

With the condition "Contact Device" responsive Focus Items can be integrated directly into Campaign Builder:

Option Contact Device in Mautic Builder


Important: The action "Show Focus Item" is actually only possible if the decision "Visits a page" is made, otherwise Mautic does not know on which page (or landing page) the Focus Item should be played. The corresponding URL can easily be added when making a decision:

Decision - Advance page visited for Focus Items


This variant for the creation of Responsive Focus Items has proven itself for us because – unlike the implementation of the decision "Visit by Device" – no additional segments, tags or campaigns are required.

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