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People love to poke around. For instance, see the URL of a Mautic asset and try to access the root page of that domain. What do they see? The Mautic login screen. Not good!

Best practice is to redirect that access to some other URL, e.g. your main website. Here is how you do that, properly.

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Mautic provides extensive and useful A/B testing for email, but there is another channel for which we would like to have A/B testing options: Mautic Focus Items. With a few tricks and hard-coded statistics, we created our own A/B analysis.

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Focus items that match your own design and can be maintained without HTML knowledge – a dream for every Mautic editor! With some tricks you can adjust the default style individually for each Mautic installation.

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How is a DOI mail with Mautic sent to the interested person immediately after he or she filled out the form? We'll show you how to bypass the cronjob cycle within the campaign for mailings to skip the wait.

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