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Mautic plugin for GoToWebinar: Patch available

The Citrix GoToWebinar integration is one of the most popular Mautic plugins – but unfortunately currently broken due to an API conversion. Here is the patch which fixes the problem.

Lead generation with GoToWebinar is more efficient in combination with Mautic:
Almost 3 million users annually watch webinars via GoToWebinar. They are directly converted into leads with Mautic and can be subsequently provided with further information and offers. 

There has been a GoToWebinar integration for Mautic for quite some time – but last year the GoToWebinar API was changed, which made it necessary to update the GoTo plugin for Mautic. Among other things, there was an update of the older OAuth proxy, which now complies with the OAuth2 standard and allows better authentication. 

In the meantime, the downward compatibility for new GoToWebinar accounts has been switched off, and the result was the follwoing: The (previously unchanged) Mautic plugin doesn't work anymore. We were able to solve this problem by adapting the plugin, which we of course provided to the Open Source project on Github (and which was already placed there for the next Mautic release): GoToMeeting can be authorized and synchronized without any problems. 

If you don't want to wait for the next Mautic release, you can find the code directly applicable in the "patch" format in our Mautic download area, which you can easily apply to the existing Mautic 2.15.1 installation. 

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