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Individual E-Mail-Templates in Mautic: This Is How it Works!

Have you invested a lot of time and effort in the development of an individual e-mail template? We will show you how to import your own design into Mautic.

Mautic offers a whole range of options for designing newsletters and mailing templates directly in the software – from ready-made templates to various modular elements with which you can create your desired design. However, if you have already invested a lot of time and effort in template development in another system and may already be using it to communicate with newsletter subscribers, customers and potential leads, you can also easily import your own design into Mautic.

1. Prepare your e-mail template for import into Mautic

To make it possible for Mautic to recognize which elements your individual template contains (e.g. text boxes, images, buttons, etc.), what can be edited and where new slots can be added, you need to mark the HTML code with the Mautic-specific data attributes in advance (here you can find more information about possible slots in Mautic):

  • data-section-wrapper=”1”

  • data-section=”1”

  • data-slot-container=”1”

  • data-slot=”[SLOT TYPE]”

    • Slot Types: text, image, separator, button


2. Create a ZIP-file from your individual Mautic-Template

For the import, a ZIP file with at least two parts is required (here you will find the detailed step-by-step instructions from Mautic on this topic):

  • a config.json that contains information about template name, author, and supported features:


mautic custom template config.json


  • and an HTML directory with the email.html.twig file (this contains the HTML template from the previous step):


email.html.twig file


Please make sure that the file name is correct, including upper and lower case! Optionally, you can add a further details to the root directory afterwards – e.g. a thumbnail (thumbnail.png), which is used as a preview image when selecting a template in Mautic:

Custom Mautic Template

3. Upload your template to Mautic

Now you can simply upload your template using the "Install" command in Mautic. Afterwards you can use it directly for your next mailing – you will find your design under Settings – Themes!

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